Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Unexpected Progress

With Rick in California for the week I really didn't think I'd make much progress on the house. Our friend Steve was here for the weekend (he and his wife own the property with us) and I was planning on helping him with a project on his trailer. What ended up happening, however, was he helped me with the house! We were able to get the rigid foam for the foundation insulation up on the north and west sides of the house!!!!

This is the north side of the house with foam installed.

Here I am in the ditch.

Steve doing his part.

Here it is all done!

View from the orchard.

Hero of the day!!! Thanks again, Steve!

Two steps forward, one step back . . . .
Later in the day I went out to look at our handy work and four panels had blown over! :-( Sooooo - bright and early Monday morning (5:30 to be exact) I went out and re-positioned them and added some more bracing and duct tape to all the panels. Two days later - after a rain storm yesterday - they are still all in place. Whew!

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