Saturday, October 26, 2013

Comforts of Home

We FINALLY got the last bit of outside plaster done - until spring. Now we can focus on the inside of our house.

The first order of business was to get the hearth ready for the instillation of our wood burning stove. We have had amazing luck when it comes to finding things for the house at great prices. Our stove was no exception. We lucked into a really good used Pacific Energy stove and a great person to install it - thanks Justin of Bailey's Chimney Sweep!
First we decided on the location. Then we installed adobe bricks at the finished floor height where we wanted the hearth to go.

We collected large stones from the old foundation of Jack Young's home and general store. Mr. Young named Youngsville and had the first PO in his general store which was on one corner of our property. These stones are HEAVY!
This picture was taken in 1917. For those of you who have visited us, those trees are now the huge cottonwoods at the NE corner of our property. Little bits of foundation are all that's left of the store and home and now some of them are part of OUR home.

Had to also do some plastering.

Stones in place and ready for the stove.

Bailey's Chimney Sweep arrives to get it done.

First fire - comforts of home!

Stove installed means we now have HEAT. We have been making fires each day - just 'cause we can - and to make sure the stove works. It works beautifully and will make it very pleasant to work inside through the winter. Good thing we got a couple of cords of wood this summer!

The next major phase is to get a coat of mud slip all over the bales inside. I have covered a pile of dirt with plastic to keep it dry so that, hopefully, it won't freeze any time soon. Once the slip is on we will then start installing T&G for the ceiling and sheetrock for the framed walls. The finished plaster (and floor) will be done in the spring once things warm up and we are able to dig dirt again.

While I've been working on the slip, Rick has been sealing the wood on the doors and windows.

It feels really good to be working inside. There is still a lot to do but I'm beginning to see an end to it.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Reality Check

October is here already and after all the rain we got in September, we are still trying to get that second coat of plaster on the outside of the house. Time for a reality check! There's still so much left to do and just the earthen floors, which we can't get to until the ceiling is done, will take 2 to 3 weeks to dry - and then will need linseed oil finish which will also take time to dry.  By the middle of December the ground is going to freeze meaning we won't be able to dig dirt for the floors or plastering. I won't go into the rest of the list, just suffice it to say that there is just too little time between now and hard winter to get enough done to move in. Sad but true.

While I do not relish yet another winter in our trailer, I am feeling a whole lot less stressed about the house. There are still things I feel we need to get done before the middle of December but the list is a whole lot shorter and more doable. We're getting our wood burning stove in a couple of weeks and once a coat of mud is on the wall we will be able to have heat in the house. Work will continue!

So we push forward....

Rick got the garage doors installed so the house is totally enclosed and looking good!

And plastering continues. . .
I am so humbled and appreciative of all the plastering help we've gotten from our friends! We hope to have a plastering party in the next couple of weeks to get a good chunk of mud on the inside walls. Chili and cornbread anyone?

Corner is turned.

Rick getting a lot done.
Stay tuned . . .