Monday, March 5, 2012

Late Winter Update

Late Winter Update
It's March 5th and while I know that there is still some cold weather yet to come (we are in northern New Mexico after all) the last few days have been delightful and I have managed to get out and finish the second trombe wall - YEA!!!

Here are the adobe blocks cut and laid out for the first two courses. Thank goodness for the circular saw we got for Christmas with the masonry blade. Made quick work of all the cutting.

First two courses done.

Here's what I managed to get done on the second day. Had to build the buck for the bottom trombe window so didn't get but one course of adobes laid.

End of day three - almost done! Probably would have finished but I ran out of dirt for the mortar. Had to go get more - thanks Ramey - yet again!!!

Weight training tools :-)

Second trombe wall done!! This photo shows the whole house with the big adobe wall and the two trombe walls.

This picture shows the inside of the house. This will be our office. My desk will be on the left and Rick's will be on the right. We will be able to sit, feel the warmth of the trombe wall and look out to the beautiful scenery around us. I can't wait!

NOW we get to start on the framing! I will be going to town tomorrow for tar paper and flashing that will go on the foundation for the bales to rest on. Clips for the posts will go down at the same time. Then the posts! I feel some good momentum building here and hope to keep it going. Maybe it will start looking like a house soon (and not just the remnants of an adobe house!) At least now that the adobes are laid we can actually work in the morning, eat lunch and then work in the afternoon. (We've had to stop work by 2 so the mortar would set up before the freezing night time temps.) And the days are getting longer. Excitement is building again.

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