Sunday, August 26, 2012

Roof Decking - DONE!!!!

It has taken us about 6 weeks but the roof decking is finally done!!!

What we learned:
1 - While every effort was made to install the trusses correctly, after being up for a couple of weeks, warping did take place.  Doing the first course of decking was really tedious because we had to measure between every truss, make adjustments and sometimes cut OSB to fit.  It really felt good to have that first course completed.

2 - Measure BEFORE lifting OSB up onto the roof!

3 - Measure two or three times and then double check your measurements.  It's really hard to get a good measurement while balanced between two trusses over twelve feet up!

4 - Patience!  There were times when I felt I was working on the Tower of Babel!  What language was he speaking?  What was it she was trying to say?  And if we were tired, it was even worse.  More often than not, we were talking about the same thing, just from different perspectives.  That can be very frustrating but, thankfully, most of the time we kept our cool.

5 - If you keep at something long enough, it gets done.

More than once I found myself wishing we had made the house a little smaller.  But now that the decking is done, of course, I'm glad it's the size it is and I KNOW we will be happy with the space once we are done enough to move in.

Here is the progression over the last three weeks.

Steve and his son Sam came and help us for a couple of days.  Thanks guys!!!

Rick getting the very last piece up.

Hammering it in place.

TA DA!!!!!  Done - at last!

This is the next phase of the project.  Five rolls of underlayment before the metal roofing.  We start that on Wednesday.

CID has been notified that we are ready for our framing inspection.  That should happen Monday or Tuesday.

I have talked to the guy we plan on getting our straw bales from and he can get us building grade bales from this year's crop by the middle of September.  I will call him this week to order!

Stay tuned!

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