Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A Lot of This and That

While we waited for warmer weather so we could pour cement, we've been doing a lot of this and that.


The first thing we did was get a lot done on the garage. Openings for windows and door had to be cut.

Then the OSB had to be covered.

Rick had to build windows.  Windows had to then be installed

Rick's beautiful door.   Door installed.

Straw bales installed.

Power Shed

There will be a shed attached to the north side of the house which will hold all the batteries for our solar system. It was now time to dig that footing and get it ready for cement.


With the weather warming up and footings all dug and in place it was time to get the plumbing roughed in.


Plumbing rough done and inspected.  Weather warming up. Time to pour footings! Our electrician borrowed a gas powered cement mixture and he and a friend came and helped us. I felt we could get it all done in a day but, with Samuel and Antonio's help, we got it done in a morning!
Samuel and Antonio preparing the first batch of cement.

First footing done!

My job was to screed the cement smooth.

Footings poured!

Forms removed!

First wall!

With the footings poured and dry, it was time - finally - to start putting up the inside walls. We started with the wall that separates the bedroom from the sun space. It will be a 36" adobe wall so that the bedroom will be open to the sunspace. Once again we're using another piece of the old highway bridge to frame the doorway.
Lucy's helping us get ready to put up the big post.

Post up!

First adobes ready for instillation.  It's been over a year since I did the trombe walls and it took me a little time to remember how to mix the mud.

After the first's days work.

Four courses done!  Half way there.


Our next big project is to finish framing all the inside wall so that the electrician and plumber can finish the rough-ins. I've never done framing so this will be another learning experience. We hope to get started on the first wall in the next few days.  Until then, I will continue laying adobes.


  1. Hi - I've just found your blog! Are the walls for your battery shed going to be strawbale? I'm also building a strawbale home with solar panels and trying to find the best way to store the batteries.
    Thanks for the blog and any info you'd like to pass on.

  2. Both of you are so so amazing. I am very impressed. So glad that you dream is manifesting. Lots of love to you both.

  3. Sarah, yes the battery shed will have strawbale walls. We've been off grid for the last 9 years with our batteries in an insulated box in a shed and they have been fine.

    How far along are you with your strawbale house? Where are you building it? Always fun sharing building experiences!

  4. Leslee, Thanks! Sure hope you can come and visit us and see the house in the "flesh" one of these days! Hugs and love back at 'cha!