Monday, November 28, 2011

Another Milestone!

The big adobe wall is finally done! This part of the project took a lot more time than I'd anticipated - there were a lot of adobe bricks to lay! The most number of courses we did in a day was five, and that was really pushing it. More often than not, we only got 2 to 2 1/2 done. It's pretty amazing to see it! You can now see our emerging house from the highway, which is pretty cool.

I had really hoped to have the roof up this year but since the adobe wall took so long, it's looking like that probably won't happen. Oh well, one has to be flexible! We have decide to keep going with the adobes. We have two trombe walls that need to be laid so I will start on them later this week. We are expecting possible winter weather this weekend so we shall see how far we get. At least these walls are only 8 courses high (as a posed to 20!) and only one adobe wide so they should go faster. I will really have muscles by the time they are done!

So my new goal is to have the roof up by spring. If the weather cooperates, maybe that will happen.
This shot shows the adobe wall with the foundation for the studio/office in the foreground.
Here's the wall from inside the house. It will be a wonderful place to hang out with plants in the windows.

You can now see our "house" from our road.


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