Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We Have Cement!

Today dawned bright and cold. I'm happy to say that I managed to get some sleep last night but was pretty excited this am. Our helpers, Henry and Keno, showed up at 9:30 and the first cement truck was here by 10. Then it was off to the races. Thanks to Ramey, Bob and Kennedy, things went very smoothly and quickly! Nary a hitch! I guess all my hard work finally paid off. Four and a half hours later, all the cement was poured, J bolts and rebar installed and tools cleaned. In three days we can remove the forms and start laying adobes!!!

Cement truck arrives!

Rick hitches a ride.

Ready . . .

set . . .

go . . . . .!

And we're off!

Rick setting J bolts.


and done!!!!!

Finishing touch - the rocks are from Pine Gables in Lake Lure, NM. One of my favorite places owned by one of my favorite cousins.


  1. awesome to see it work so well. How many cu yards? What is general height and width of footing?

  2. 16 cu yds. Width is 18", depth is 20" of gravel + 10" on top of concrete.

  3. It's probably a good thing that the physical work of building your house makes you tired enough to be able to go to bed at night - I'd be having a hard time not staying up all night just to keep going outside to look at everything one more time ;) My dad, your dad, Uncle Francis and Uncle Robert are all right there, grinning ear to ear.