Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Garage Posts

The next phase of our project has been to cut and position the three large posts that frame out the garage.  The bridge beam we used for these posts was larger than the one we used to frame out the front door so it was a bit more work.  First we had to cut them and then we had to move them but it got done.

Here's Rick cutting the first post to the right height.  The posts are too thick for one cut so we had to first make a cut all around with the circular saw then finish the cut with the reciprocating saw.  Worked pretty good!
First post being bolted into place.  Notice the lovely bracket we had made.
Here's the second post ready to be tipped into place. 
And getting bolted.
Two posts up!
Three posts up!!!

Morning light.

We are now ready for the beam that will close off the garage end.  We had really hoped we could use one of the big beams left from the bridge but when we started cutting into it we realized that there was way too much rot.  So beams have been ordered from the local lumber yard.  The should be here by the end of the week.

THEN we will be ready for the roof trusses!!!  With any luck, maybe, just maybe we will have a roof up by this time next month!

House in the morning light.

NOTE:  If any of you have the time and inclination and desire to help us raise the roof, please e-mail me.  We can use all the help we can get!  Thanks!!!


  1. What are the dimensions of the footings the garage posts are attached to? I presume they are part of the apron at the driveway entrance. Any steel in the footing?

  2. The two posts at either side are on footings that have 20" of gravel and a 10" cement grade beam with 2 rows of 1/2" rebar. The post in the center is on 8" of cement with 2 rows of rebar. All the rebar is tied together. There is mesh under the apron.