Monday, June 11, 2012

Going Up!

Let me catch you up on what we've been doing the last couple of weeks.  First we needed to check out the big bridge beam that we had planned on using on the garage opening.  Unfortunately, there was too much rot to use it so we had to order some beams for our local saw mill.  We spent a couple of days doing the notching in preparation for installation.

Then we took delivery of the OSB for the roof sheathing and the trusses!

When our friend Ramey got here with his tractor, we decided that we needed to wait to put the beams up so that he could get inside the garage with the trusses.

Then it was time to start putting the trusses up!
Moving the first truss!  This is part of the big truss that will go across the dinning room/living room so it will be set aside until needed.

The big trusses.

Moving the first truss to go up.

First truss up!

Aerial view of first truss.
First day's work.

Rick with our two truss angels Ramey on the left and Dennis (our friend from San Diego) on the right.  This part of the project would not have happened without them!  We are truly grateful!!!

End of day two.  Tired but happy.

Moving the first truss of day 2.

Day two's work.  It was my job to be on top of the scaffolding to pull the truss vertical with a rope and then secure it to the other trusses.  Rick and Dennis then secured them to the bond beam.

Dennis - our truss angel #1

Dennis and Ramey (truss angel #2)

Aerial view of day two's work.

What a difference the trusses are making in how the whole house feels!  It's pretty amazing to now be able to walk under a real roof and feel how the space is becoming.

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