Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 4 - Trusses

We continue our slow but steady progress on the trusses.
Moving a diagonal into place.  These were almost as big as the regular trusses and more difficult to get placed.

Our helper Kris, getting the truss into place.

Time to break for lunch.

Back to it.

Hey, Kris!   Having fun?

Here I'm standing in what will be the office looking toward the living/dinning room.  It's really fun to finally get a sense of space.

Day 5 - placing the first of the garage trusses.  These are attic trusses which will allow us to have a nice large storage area over the garage.  Thank goodness for Ramey (truss angel #2) and his tractor (truss angel #3 <g>)

Here I'm standing in the living room looking toward the garage.  My big adobe wall is on the right.

Dos Amigos - Dennis and Kris at the end of another hard but productive day.

Me and Dennis who will be leaving us on Sunday.  It has been wonderful having him here and helping!

Mas Amigos - Dennis and Rick

Pooped home owners/builders.

End of day 5

In the morning light from our road.

We are soooo grateful for the help of our friends.  We have done a lot by ourselves but we would not have been able to do these trusses alone!  We are truly blessed!!!!

Four more trusses left to do!

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