Sunday, June 17, 2012

Day 6 - Trusses

We took the morning off.  Ramey couldn't be here until after lunch so we took advantage of the break for a little R&R.  (When Rick got up this morning he asked if anyone and gotten the license of the truck that hit him <G> - we have all been working VERY hard!)  Then it was back to it.  We had one truss left to do before we had to get the beam up across the garage opening.  We had left that until last so that we could still get the tractor in and out but today was the day to get the beam finished.

Second beam going into place.

A perfect fit!

Third beam up.

All done! and looking beautiful.  We have wonderful decorative brackets to put up and I'll post a picture once that is done.  But for now, it's on to the last three trusses.

All big trusses done!  Ramey takes a much deserved break.

Except for 8 small trusses that need to be installed on the hip end (which Rick and I can do ourselves) and a rafter that Rick needs to make to go over the garage where the ladder goes, the roof trusses are DONE!  This has been quite a week.

One of the reasons I have always wanted to build our own house is so that our energy and the energy of our friends would be embedded in it.  I wanted to be able to walk in my house and feel the presence of all who helped work on it.  My fantasy has always been that we could make that a reality.  I now know that to be true!  I can already feel that energy!  Dennis said that in a year or so, we would forget all this hard work at this particular stage.  That the house would be done and that's what we would feel. I do not believe that.  Already as I walk through what is becoming our home, I remember every phase.  What we did and what we had help with and who helped us.  I think those memories will always be with me and that's what will make this a very special place to live and share our lives with others.  And it's what is making this experience so wonderful.

Now I think I'll take a break.  I'm pooped!!!

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