Wednesday, August 24, 2011

August 23rd update.

It feels like I have been shoveling gravel for months now but looking back at the blog I see that it's only been about a month! And progress IS being made. (As Rick says, at least we're not going backwards!) Every week I set goals for myself and each day I review them. So far I've been making my goals. Last weekend we reached a big one: 18" of gravel in all of the trench! This also means that most of the sleeves for the water, etc. have been roughed in, too. It felt like quite an accomplishment. One that was made with the help of friends! Thanks again Steve and Karen!

Steve and Karen shoveling gravel.

Rick and Steve checking the top of the grade beam with the water level. Zeke in the middle.
Rick and Steve setting cinder blocks for the post for the large truss.

Two old farts.....

With the 18" of gravel in the trench, the next step was to make the corner forms. There will be a large diagonal truss in the living room and the forms will support the large posts for the truss. That done, we have started the final push with the gravel. Another 8" is needed all around and then we can start building the forms for the grade beam. After hauling all the gravel needed to reach the 18 inch level , 8 inches seemed easy. It is stall hard, slow work but I do believe I can see the light at the end of this particular tunnel!
One corner form.
Corner form with gravel added.

My hope is that we still have time to get the roof up by December. There's still a lot to do before that can happen but I'm hopeful! One step at a time.......
Zeke the dog . . .

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