Monday, August 8, 2011

Slow but Steady Progress
Slow and steady progress has been made over the last week and then today we made a LOT of progress. Steve came up once again and brought his son, Sam, and this morning we all got out to the house site and got to work. It's amazing how much MORE work 4 folks can get done in a morning than just me by myself. We have installed just about all the foam insulation; the French drain is in and gravel is in up to the top of the drain. The only foam we have left is between the garage and the house. We will probably wait to install this bit so we can get the wheelbarrow easily to the other parts of the house with gravel. Next we need to install sleeves for the water lines (electrical will go through the wall) then the next stage will be to get gravel up to the 18" mark at which time we will need to build some forms for posts that will carry the large diagonal truss that will rise over the living room.

After this bit is done it will be time to build forms for the grade beam. THEN we will start to see stuff above ground! It feels like I've been working on this foundation forever and folks who have done this house building thing have told me that's a common feeling. Once the framing starts going up, things should move a lot more quickly. Looking forward to that stage!

Steve and Sam taking a well deserved break.

Rick working.

PS. As of this writing we STILL do not have a working well. The well guy was supposed to be here tomorrow but he has run into problems on his current job so it will probably be Thursday or Friday before he can make it out here :-( We are praying for rain so that we don't loose all our garden and orchard. We do have water for living, however, but at 15 cents a gallon, we can't afford to keep buying it and we can't afford to water everything! Even though I know there's nothing we can do, I feel so guilty that my plants aren't getting the water they need. Oh well . . . . .

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