Monday, August 29, 2011

(Not a very good panorama but I'm too tired to go out and take two more pictures.)

WHOO HOO!!!!!!
Gravel is DONE!!!!!
Used just about 6 of the 7 loads we got. (The other load is for the garage.) And it took about 5 weeks. But it's done at last. I'm not sure I believe it as it seems I've been shoveling gravel all my life.

Next step is to cut the foam to the height of the grade beam, build the other side of the form for the grade beam and install the rebar. Then we can call for an inspection then the cement.

Onward and upward - at last!

Before - note the tall pile of foam and the pipe for the French drain - all in the hole now.
Trench filled! It's a little hard to see but, trust me, it's DONE!


  1. It will be neat to watch your project progress. Do you have a simple site plan or building outline so we can connect your pictures to the eventual outline of the building? Was the foundation trench hand dug or backhoe? GOOD LUCK!!!

  2. We have a PDF somewhere. I will look for it and post it. The foundation trench was initally dug with a backhoe but after Flooding last summer we had to dig out silt by hand.

  3. Hello
    Where you bought your adobe blocks and how much they cost? Thank you very much

  4. We got our adobes at the Adobe Factory in Alcalde. I think they were somewhere around $1.30 plus delivery.